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Our Instant Housing is shipping to cities across America!

Reach out to our team to get your village built. We are able to deliver 200 homes per week with plans for expansion. Current deliveries in 60 days from deposit. With leasing and financing available that allows you to house folks for less than $50 per bed per month.

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Hyper Affordable Beautiful Tiny Home Communities

The Next Step after Housing First

A new movement is dawning out of the success and observed shortcomings of the Housing First approach. We are designing communities that lift people up towards a life of hope, purpose and happiness. We bring vulnerable individuals, who are coming thru and out of serious trauma, into the embrace of wraparound support services, healing housing, and help facilitate intentional healthy community and relationships. All for a fraction of the cost of current permanent supportive housing, in a rapidly scalable platform.

We are moving from Housing First to homes and communities designed for healing and empowerment. Although still a Housing First approach, we are attacking the (1) cost of scaling, and (2) land use issues, as well as (3) involving the community in a more substantial way.

Thousands of Volunteers- Equipped to Serve

Our model is extensively based on the hard work and break-thru that accompanies massive levels of community involvement. 

The tiny home village concept allows exponentially more community involvement in every step of the process compared to a single architect, designing a single high rise. Changes and staged developments are more accessible and allow for appropriate shifts in strategy and capability. This adaptability and resilience allows us to take immediate action, quickly bringing units online, while purposefully allowing for future long term highest and best use of the units.

Permanent Supportive Housing and More

We feel our units can be best designed to satisfy the current and long term need for Permanent Supportive Housing, with many communities asking us to also design transitional housing, and affordable housing for other populations including seniors, students, workforce, families and veterans.

Radical Affordability 

These homes are radically affordable, we are budgeting for rents as low as $300/month all in/ non-subsidized for a SRO unit. Our current developments are coming online for between $50,000 and $70,000 per door all in even after purchasing land and full infrastructure build out. 

With sponsored land, cooperative utility companies and helpful planning and zoning authorities, we can do even better. At this cost, we are able to quickly scale to a meaningful number of homes in a short time frame. Hundreds or even thousands of units built in months not decades.

World Class Design

The homes are breathtakingly beautiful, often an architectural design competition is the best way to engage the local community in creating awe inspiring designs that are extremely practical homes that deserve to be on the cover of Architectural Digest, but are healthy and healing enough to be on the cover of Psychology Today.

Engaging Every Stakeholder

Our stakeholder approach attempts to bring every organization and member of the Continuum of Care in each community along for the design and implementation of the village. Providing unprecedented cooperation that allows many, if not all, of the service providers to be on site, without additional cost to service providers or pressure on the social safety net. We’ve found almost universal support for the concept and personalized implementation strategy in every community we have served. The savings to the community and service providers often can pay for the entire village buildout.

Intentional Neighbors

One strategic concept that we feel changes the landscape in permanent supportive housing is the idea of  intentional community members living in our villages who do not currently meet the definition of homelessness, who are willing to pay market rent, and decide on a daily basis to love people through their struggles and pain. Individuals and families who are not paid to be there, but instead have given up the big house, or their well earned retirement to come love on the most forgotten, despised, outcast, hurting members of our society. We think this population should make up at least 20% of the housing units built if not up to 50% where land availability allows.

National Partnerships

We bring national partnerships and relationships to the table that include architects/ design competitions/ builders/ building material suppliers/ investors/ donors/ banks.

Diversified Capital Stacks

These village developments are attractive investments for Impact Investors, bank Community Reinvestment Act Funds, and Opportunity Zone development. 

We offer all levels of service nationwide from basic consulting to turnkey design/build/manage packages all tailored for your community.

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Practical Revolution is working extensively in Southern California to address both homelessness and the affordable housing crisis. We hope to build up to 50,000 homes here.


A tiny home village of 265 homes of Permanent Supportive Housing.


We are actively negotiating on land for multiple villages around the Washington, DC metro area.

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"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." -Isaac Newton


Our favorite home ownership model, for hyper-affordable, tiny homes with support services in Detroit, MI.



Our favorite model that used and interfaced with existing government housing finance models.

Quixote Village


Funded with private philanthropy. Community First Village in Austin, TX is our favorite large scale privately funded village. Simply amazing, and worth a visit. Those interested in their replication model can attend a symposium to learn more.

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